Teach your child to fish

I will tell you how I learned fishing, and my tactics, when I am asked to help new anglers to start fishing.

How do I learn my child to fish? I'll tell you how I have learned fishing as a child, and how I now teach children to fish.


My father introduced me to go fishing. Initially roach was our catch. That was great, because I experienced that we had caught a large amount. I did not care what sort of fish it was. Fish were caught, that was the important thing. Then I practiced throwing the line for a whole weekend. There was a small piece of lead at the end of my rope. Every five minutes I came to my father in tears, and said that it was not good, because the line was messed up. Every time my father showed the patience and helped me to bring the line back in order. I learned to throw little by little, and also to bring the line in order when it was messed up. Here I learned for the first meal that you have to practice diligently, if you want to learn something.


Again I went fishing roach with my father. Now I was able to catch the fish myself, and I did it! I fished and fished until it was a little boring to catch roach. I wanted to catch something bigger. Therefore my father and I visited a Put and Take. Before arriving, he told me that trout is completely different fish compared to roach - much larger and more sophisticated. You had to be both clever than happy to catch a trout. In this way, was fishing in Put and Takes quickly became a success for me.


Now I was very tense on angling. I sought information on fishing all the places I could. I wished to catch all the fish. Every time I had caught one fish I would try to catch one that was bigger and more beautiful. And I'm still trying!


Fish water

At the start of fishing, children do not care, what sort of fish they catch. For children, it is important whether they catch fish or not . Fortunately, there are many places where it is almost guaranteed to catch fish . That's one thing that really enhances the interest in angling.

Roach and perch are some of the easiest fish to catch. They are in almost all Danish fishing lakes. If you fish for both at the same time, worm and stopper are the best bait.

Many Danish fishing lakes also have children lakes. It is a small lake , where a number of small fish are exposed . Here it is good to start, but unfortunately a children's lake is often emptied quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to call the owner before you go, and ask when fish is exposed in the lake.


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