Put and Take on Lolland and Falster


Lolland and Falster, have four Put and Take lakes in beautiful surroundings

The islands in Denmarks "South Sea" are well-known for their mild climate, their lushness, serene forests and stunning coastlines.


The two largest islands  are Lolland and Falster. They have four fishing lakes. They are a good place for an excursion for the local nature lovers as well as for  tourists looking for nature experiences.


Let us go us to the south to Hoby Put and Take. Here we find a child-friendly trout pond, situated in Hoby forest with its abundant wildlife and diverse bird chorus.


 Continue east to Korsgaard fishing lake where it is possible to sail in your own inflatable boat and get fish of many different types on the hook.


Extreme east on Lolland we maintain Iglekær to Put and Take  to enjoy this fishing lake of more than 2 hectares. Here, we can always go fishing throughout the year and around the clock. Besides trout, we can be glad also to get a sturgeon fishing.


The last stop on this trip to Lolland and Falster fishponds is Lyn fishing lake on Falster not far from the tourist magnet Marielyst. Here you can fish without having to invest in a fishing rod, because here you can hire a fishing rod.


Visit even the fishing lakes on Lolland and Falster. You can not  learn Nature to know only by reading about it. The nature must be experienced!

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