Put and Take in Himmerland


Soon it is time for vacation, and tourists from home and abroad will go out with a fishing rod. We hope they will enjoy all Himmerlands unique fishing lakes

On Fangstgarantis guided trip to Put and Take lakes, we have gone to Himmerland. Encouraged by these promising words: "Beautiful  environment - Fresh fish every day", we first headed for Himmerlands Fiskepark . Surely, we were not disappointed. Here is really beautiful. Every day, fish are put into the lake, so there is good opportunity  for catch, which obviously attracts families with children. A look into  “Pandkagehuset” confirms us, that we here have  very good opportunities  for a wonderful family, as the smell of pancakes, cooked over a slow fire meets us.


Further it goes to the southwest, and soon we are at Gunderup Fiskesø, which appears to consist of two regular lakes, surrounded by greenery that provides good shelter from the wind. Here are a variety of species,  the tigertrout  for example. The name sounds dangerous, but it is something as peaceful as a cross between a brook trout and a spring trout, and it can be caught in the same way. We will just have a look at the well-stocked tackle shop before our trip goes on.


Even a short trip south, and we have found Fiskegården, located in the most wonderful area. It is a large enterprise, we visit here. Two beautiful fishing lakes, but also restaurant and a shop where not only can be purchased,  but also specialties like  ale,honey and handicrafts to name just some of the tempting offers. If we had come on the first Saturday of the month, we had the opportunity to fish with a fishing guide.


Volstrup Fiskepark


We go  from one glorious scenery to the next, when we arrive at Volstrup Fiskepark. E 45 to Aalborg is just a few km away with its pace and noise, but here in the old river valley is a world of peace and beauty. There are good fishing opportunities, an eel you may even be lucky to get home. Here both the families and the experienced fisherman can have their get their fishing delight satisfied. As the lake's owner describes it:. "Common to all is that you go home with a good nature experience and a lot of fresh air."


No two fishing lakes are the same and our last stop prepares us yet another unique experience. We have come to Medestdet  at Willestrup Å on the outskirts of Rold Skov. "A real gem of nature" it says on the site, and the term is really true.  Peaceful and quiet except for birdsong and the whispering of the wind in the treetops. Rainbow trout and brown trout can be caught and there are so many who have enjoyed fishing here, that the number of fishing lakes had to be extended several times. It is understandable. Here's good to be, and the place has the necessary facilities.


It was what we managed to visit this time. Vacation time is approaching and tourists from home and abroad will go out with a fishing rod. We hope they will enjoy all Himmerlands unique fishing lakes.

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