Find ten angler mistakes


Anyone who goes on a fishing trip can have his doubts about something. Then it is helpful to know the rules that exist for anglers

Have you met a fisherman like him on the picture? He does not have an eye for the fish he has caught nor for the other fishermen and not for the scenery, he finds himself in.

I have been with him on a fishing trip, and I found that he made at least ten mistakes. Please follow along on the trip, then you will know what I'm talking about:




"Calm down Bella, Dad can well understand that you are happy, you know that we are getting nearer to the lake.

 "Parking right" it says. Okay, but I will drive my car down to the lake.  I have no intention of carrying my things so far.

"Access only with valid fishing license." Well, I forgot to buy fishing license. I must try to remember that when I drive from here.

 So now we are here. Yes come out Bella, this is life for you, just running around sniffing and perhaps taking a little run after a hare occasionally. It makes no harm you don’t run so far, Mummy feeds you too well.

Damn, I have surely forgotten feed! No, here it is. Yes, come on small fish here are goodies for you, and afterwards I hope you will be nice and bite on the hook.

Well, Bella, you should just shit a little - well it was in fact not so little - it is something for the flies. Yes, yes Bella a dog can of course also give its contribution to nature's cycle. Once, I was in town, I saw a sign that said, "Have you taught your dog to clean up after itself?" No, you have not learned that Bella, but it does not matter here wild nature.

I must say that it goes well today. It helped that I renewed the hook. It is easy to get rid of the old hook here just out of the water, then it's gone.

Let me see, how much have I caught? Ten trout, it is not bad, then Mrs. Smith can get the fish she wished for the barbecue this evening, and I get money to gasoline and a little more.

 Well damn, that is the one that was too small. I apparently forgot to set it out again. We put it down by the lake with all that I have cleaned from the fish. There are probably some gulls in the neighborhood, that can have a good meal here.

Hysterical bitch what Bella! Cries out that you have eaten her lunch and that you are not allowed to run loose here. We drive home. Nor have I more cigarettes. Fine, you can just throw the filters in the lake, so we are sure that we don’t set fire to something.

Get in Bella, we are going home to Mummy. Is it hard for you to find a place to lay down on now because of that wild rose? But Bella you must try. It's just such a wild rose that Mummy has been talking about, how she would love to have such one in the garden. Here are so many of them that you cannot see that I have taken just one of them. ".

It was the fishing trip. When I meet Bella's daddy again, I will tell him that there is in fact a set of rules for anglers.


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