Dronningmølles Fiskesø


Dronningmølle Strandvej 546 f, 3120 Dronningmølle

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Dronningmølles Fiskesø is the first Put and Take lake in Gribskov municipality. The lake is owned by the municipality, and the local association is responsible for the operation and care of it. The lake is very beautifully located next to Dronningmølle Strand. There is good parking.


Fish: The association has exposed 350 kg of gold and rainbow trout in the lake

Fishing license: Fishing license can be purchased at the shop "Wildlife", Dronningmølle Strandvej 647, 3120 Dronningmølle, phone: +45 60 75 80 68. If the shop is not open, a fishing license can be purchased at the half-end on the side of the shop. 
Payments are made in cash and payment is placed in the plastic bag, pushed through the letterbox in the door together with one of the cards. The other card is put in the letterbox after the fishery ends, indicating how many fish you have caught. An SMS can also be sent to 60 75 80 68 with the number of fish. This information is important for those who have to make sure that there are fish in the lake.

Opening time: 6:00 AM to sunset

NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

Er du ejer af dette fiskested, og har du mere information eller rettelser, så skriv venligst til os på info@fangstgaranti.com


4 Timer
150.00 DKK
250.00 DKK
Barn (10 år) 4 Timer
75.00 DKK
Barn (10 år) Heldagskort
125.00 DKK
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