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Nyhavevej 113, 5220 Odense SØ

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"Beautifulscenery, clear water andlots of fish" with these words Fyns Fiskevand present themselveson the website.The fourlakes havecrystal clear waterand theyare located in a scenichillyterrain.The lakesare ideal forfly fishing.
Groupsare also welcome. Information Fyns Fiskevand has four fishing lakes with a total of approximately 55,000 m2. One lake is for kids.

Fish: Rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, perch, pike, eel, crucian, grass carp
Carps are protected and must be released. Cancer and mussels should also be set out again.

Facilities: Guest house with toilets and living room.Tables and benches, cleaning area,trash cans, weight

Fishing license: Self service and mobilepay

Opening hours:From sunrise to sunset

Phone :+45 26 72 24 28 

NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

Er du ejer af dette fiskested, og har du mere information eller rettelser, så skriv venligst til os på info@fangstgaranti.com


2 Timer
100.00 DKK
3 Timer, 5 Fisk
125.00 DKK
4 Timer
150.00 DKK
6 Timer, 5 Fisk
175.00 DKK
8 Timer, 10 Fisk
250.00 DKK
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Fyns Fiskevand

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