Nyvangs Fiskesøer


Snarupvejen 15 5750 Ringe

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Nyvangs Fiskesøer is with the owner's words, "Maybe thee  friendliest Put & Take lakes ofFunen. " The lakes receive water from springs. Therefore, the water clean and clear.
Possibility of major events.


Nyvangs Fiskesøer offers two put and take lakes with a total area of 11,000 m2.

Fish: Rainbow trout, golden trout, brook trout, brown trout, brøddding and eel.

Facilities: Tables and benches, bins, cleaning table, toilet, pavilions, barbecue. Room for 40 persons. Large parking lot, where you can stay overnight in a caravan or a motorhome. You can also spend the night in tent at the lakes.

Angling license: Self service by the room.
Possibility of night fishing

Opening hours: Open from sunrise to sunset

Phone: (+45) 41159649 / (+45) 62661620)

NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

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3 Timer
120.00 DKK
5 Timer
190.00 DKK
12 Timer
350.00 DKK
Ekstra time
40.00 DKK
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Nyvangs Fiskesøer

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