Put and Take on Fyn


Fangstgaranti has visited Fyn on the guided tour to some of Denmark´s many fishing lakes. Here are many Put and Takes to choose from, so we have to limit ourselves.

We start the trip at Midtfyns Put & Take . Here we find a huge lake in a lovely natural area with lots of wildlife. Here it is good to angel and good to be when you are on your own or with the whole family. We can make bonfires or turn up the grill. Children and adults can easily get a good day together here.



From here we go to Nyvangs Fiskesøer . You find two manageable lakes at this scenic spot - perhaps Fyn’s friendliest- the owner says. It is certainly a place where we should find it attractive  to put up a tent and spend the night, when the weather becomes a little warmer. The water quality is very good and the conditions for the fish are superb.


Next visit applies Højrupgaard Put & Take . Here is a very varied range of fishing: three lakes, a children's lake and a fly stream of approximately 450 m. In addition a large ancient bog. We have the opportunity to stay overnight in a nice hut or in a shelter with campfire.


The tour goes from one glorious fishing spot to the next. Aalsbogaard Lystfiskersøer call even themselves angler's paradise. The place has just got a new owner, so there are great expectations for him to live up to. He has good conditions. The place has three lakes, connected by fine roads in the beautiful hilly terrain and there is a rich variety of fish that may be caught without limitation.


Last stop is Agernæs Saltvandssøer, located in unique nature. Here are many opportunities to find a good fishing spot, and the children have great joy of the special lake for children. It is easy to see that it's good for kids to get close to nature and have a relationship with everything that lives there from the smallest crawling organisms to the fish in the water and the birds in the treetops.


We could have continued for the next glorious fishing spot on Fyn and the next again, but it is not possible for us this time. We can only suggest that you make your own experiences alone or with the whole family.
You can see all the Put and Take lakes here: Map of all the Put and Take lakes in Denmark 

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