Cheerful life in the brook

The rippling stream is currently forming a framework for the mating season of the trout


"You know how eager one may be during the mating season. At that point, there is no difference between fish and humans! "Thus, Jan Kærgaard, a nature adviser at the Naturstyrelsen Søhøjlandet Silkeborg told the in the radio program P1 Morgen.

It happened as part of a description of the life of nature in and around the Danish brooks right now.

Among other things it happens that the sea trout swims up in the brook from the sea, and the lake trout come from the great lakes. In the brook they meet with other family members, namely the brook trout.

The first thing that happens is that the female, who is perhaps a lake trout, is looking for a good breeding place with a good rock bottom. Here she lies and basks and digs a hollow. The male, who is perhaps a big, beautiful sea trout is ready, and the male and female are side by side. The female lies her egg and the male spits his sperm over the eggs. Perhaps a little brook trout is rushing towards the couple. He wants to fertilize the eggs as well.

It takes place mostly during the night, but the mating operation breaks down all the rules, so you can be lucky to discover a huge sea trout in the little stream, also in the daytime, and then you know that he is swimming because he's out of something.

An additional reason to go on boots and get out at the lively Danish brook.



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