Sea trout on the coast - it´s spring

Investigation of fishing for sea trout at the coasts of Fyn

Trout live their first year in still brook water. Then most of them swim into the sea. In early spring they stay along the coast, and here fishing for the attractive fishing right now at its peak.

In summer, the shallow water is too hot and they swim into the sea where the water is deeper and colder.

Anglers, who go out fpt fishing along the coasts of Fyn can expect to encounter researchers from DTU Aqua. They will like to know how much you have captured, how long time, you have spent on the fishing trip and what the catch is weighing and measuring.

No one is forced to answer the questions, but we do recommend that as many as possible make themselves available to answer. The answers will be used as a material in the large REKREA project, which is to gather knowledge that can ensure healthy stocks to fish in the future.

You can read more about the project here:

Sea trout

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