Bjerrely Lystfiskersø


Bjerrevej 55, 7400 Herning

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"Greenand Sustainable,Organic fish,Focus on fish welfare "with these statements, the owner of Bjerrely Fiskesø tells us that we are at a green, sustainable fishing lake. It is beautifully situated in green surroundings with small inroads into the vegetation,from where you can fish.


Bjerrely Fiskesø is approximately 22,000m2 and has a depth o f6-8meters. The water is supplied from subterranean wells and, therefore it is fresh and clean.

Fish:Organic rainbow trout,brown trout and brook trout from Danish organic fish farms.

Facilities: Cleaning table.Tables and benches and barbecue areas.Toilet.
Produc tMachine with PowerBait, earth worms, fishing tackle and candy and soda.
Worm Farm,where you can dig for organic worm for your own consumption.

Opening hours
:From sunrise to sunset

Tel .: +45 23 71 51 03

NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

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2 Timer pr. stang
110.00 DKK
3 Timer pr. stang
140.00 DKK
4 Timer pr. stang
160.00 DKK
5 Timer pr. stang
190.00 DKK
6 Timer pr. stang
210.00 DKK
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