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Nymøllevej 9, 3540 Lynge

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Drive in Put and Take is one of the largest Put and Takes in Denmark. It is located in peaceful and scenic surroundings. The lakes have clean and clear fishing water.
Here it is possible to stay overnight in your own  tent if you want to fish at night .

Drive in Put and Take consists of two large lakes. One is 50,000 m2 with a depth of 3 -10 meters. 3 natural sources give fresh water to the lake. The other lake is 30,000 m2, and has a depth of 10-16 m.

Fish: Rainbow trout and golden trout

Facilities:Tables and benches, The car can be driven down to the lakes.Kiosk with fishing tackle and candy. The kiosk is open holidays and weekends.
Fishing license: Self service in the room beside the kiosk.

Opening hours: From pm. 6:00 to sunset. Closed in wintertime.

tlf.+45 2367 1267

NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

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2 Timer, 2 Fisk
120.00 DKK
4 Timer, 4 Fisk
170.00 DKK
Dagskort, 8 Fisk
260.00 DKK
Barn 2 Timer, 2 Fisk
60.00 DKK
Barn 4 Timer, 4 Fisk
85.00 DKK
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Drive in Put & Take

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