Løkken Fiskepark


Trudslevvej 87, 9480 Løkken

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Løkken Fiskepark is situated idyllically in a valley surrounded by high banks and forest. Therefore, there is always calm at the lakes. The lakes have fine sandy bottom.t is pos Isible to hold major events at the lakes. The lakes are children - and handicap friendly.


Løkken Fiskepark accounts for almost 6 hektars. The area has two large lakes, connected by channel.

Fish: Rainbow trout and brown trout

Catch Limit: 10 fish per person

Facilities: Tables and benches, shelters, toilets, cleaning room, grill. Good parking.
Kiosk with personal service, renting of fishing poles and purchase of remaining fishing equipment.
Kiosk business hours: 1 / 6-1 / 9 open from 09:00 a.m. -  04:00 p.m.. Spring and autumn open on weekends.

Angling license: Self-service, cash or MobilePay

Opening hours:The park is open all day year round

Phone: +45 98883003

NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

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3 Timer
130.00 DKK
4 Timer
160.00 DKK
4 Timer
160.00 DKK
5 Timer
160.00 DKK
6 Timer
170.00 DKK
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Løkken Fiskepark

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