Lystfisker Oasen


Gjermosevej 15, 8600 Silkeborg

Lystfisker Oasen is located in beautiful and peaceful nature. The owner designates his angler lakes as "a real gem for nature- and outdoor people."


Lystfisker Oasen has 3 lakes with spring water supply and many clams.
The two are landscaped with small peninsulas, a bridge and small islands. They cover an area of 8,600 squaremeters and have a maximum water depth of 4 meters.
The third lake is a children's  lake of approximately 400 squaremeters with many fish in a smaller size.

Fish: Trout and natural populations of other fish

Facilities: Angling Cabin with tables and chairs for 28 people. Refrigerator. Toilet Building. Cleaning facilities. Toilets. Camp fire. Rod holders. Large grill.

Angling license: Payment is made under the small canopy, labeled FISH CARD.

Opening hours: Open all year.
November to February: 8:00 to 19:00. March and April: 7:00 to 21:00. May-August: 06:00 to 23:00

Phone. +45 60926790 


NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

Kategorier: Junior Fisker - Godkendt Børnesø

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Lystfisker Oasen

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