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Svejstrupvej 8 Svejstrup, 8370 Hadsten

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Fiskeparken Svejstrup has a new owner. He welcomes you with these words: "Memorable fishing experiences! Looking for just the right put and take, where there are good opportunities to get a nice, fighting trout on the hook...?  Then come to Fiskeparken Svejstrup. A natural pearl in East Jutland, Favrskov Municipality. The Svejstrup fishing park is an obvious destination and the perfect place for a unique hike. The 2 lakes of the fish park are located in scenic and peaceful surroundings. In the lakes there are fishing opportunities for combat-willing trout up to 8 kg. Room for fun and togetherness for the whole family."


Fiskeparken Svejstrup offers two large put and take lakes and access to the brook Lilleå.

Fish: Trout

Facilities: Building with heat and toilet. Playground

Fishing card: Self-Service. You can pay with MobilePay: 40 98 33 28
Fishing in the brook Lilleå: The same prices as the lakes - remember the mandatory fishing license from the state.

Opening hours: Open all year round.

 +45 30139078

NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

Kategorier: Ikke angivet

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2 Timer / 2 Fisk
125.00 DKK
3 Timer / 3 Fisk
150.00 DKK
4 Timer / 4 Fisk
175.00 DKK
5 Timer / 5 Fisk
200.00 DKK
6 Timer / 6 Fisk
225.00 DKK
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Svejstrup Fiskepark

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