20,000 rainbow trout out of the net

Musholm A / S specializes in the breeding, processing and sale of trout and trout roue. The production covers the entire fish life cycle from the egg hatch until the adult fish are put on large net on the Storebælt seabed farms.

The night between Wednesday and Thursday, the 13th and the 14th of December the trout had to be moved from the cages in the water to the factory in Reersø. Unfortunately there was a hole on the last bag and 20,000 rainbow trout swam in freedom.
This meant that the coast at Halsskov Rev was closely populated by anglers that weekend. They almost shoveled rainbow trout in. However, it was far from all the rainbow trout they caught and it worries the chairman of the Korsør Fisheries Association, Flemming Lundberg Petersen, for the escaped rainbow trout pose a threat to the natural stock of sea trout. The experience of past releases is that they invade the rivers, grab the spawning banks and eat the eggs. This eliminates the possibility of generating the good sea trout that attracts not only Danish but also foreign anglers.
Fangstgaranti supports Flemming Lundberg Petersen's warning. The massive amounts of fish raised at sea are in several ways a threat to the environment and the natural balance of the islands and coasts. Here the loss can not be done in millions. Quite other values ?? matter in this case.

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