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Rules for anglers

We may all have doubts about something on a fishing trip, but we can get clear answers

Find ten angler mistakes

Anyone who goes on a fishing trip can have his doubts about something. Then it is helpful to know the rules that exist for anglers

Put and Take in Himmerland

Soon it is time for vacation, and tourists from home and abroad will go out with a fishing rod. We hope they will enjoy all Himmerlands unique fishing lakes

Fishing lakes near Silkeborg

The area around the city of Silkeborg is a tourist magnet. Fangstgarantis guided fishing tour goes this time in this region

Put and Take on Fyn

Fangstgaranti has visited Fyn on the guided tour to some of Denmark´s many fishing lakes. Here are many Put and Takes to choose from, so we have to limit ourselves.

Teach your child to fish

I will tell you how I learned fishing, and my tactics, when I am asked to help new anglers to start fishing.