Supplement for purchase of fishing equipment


Supplement to trading terms for purchasing fishing equipment via Catch GuaranteeTillæg til handelsbetingel

Buying via the website

Once the user's payment has been completed. The user receives a text of the transaction and an e-mail confirming the order and payment. 


Purchase of fishing gear via Fangstgaranti's website such as live bait and other perishable goods is exempted from the right of withdrawal. Therefore, it will not be possible to undo the purchase. Payment for these goods and for administration of payment card or fee will therefore not be refunded.  

Privacy Policy

In connection with the purchase of fishing equipment, it is necessary that you enter information such as name, address, and e-mail address. The personal data is collected in order to allow the fishing equipment stores to contact you in connection with processing your order.By accepting these terms of trade, you agree at the same time that Fangstgaranti may conduct a questionnaire survey by email regarding your purchase of fishing gear.